Our Mission

Riding for awareness !

B B B Motorcycle Club are a group of people with a common goal to raise awareness and help raise funds for charity; current charity for 2017 is Marie Curie. 

Every day of your life matters – from the first to the last and when you’re living with a terminal illness you feel that more than ever.

Marie Curie is here for people living with a terminal illness and their families.

Marie Curie provides this care through our Hospice, Nursing Service, Rapid Response Team, Helper Service and Day Therapy.

Marie Curie nurses provide 24 hour care for terminally ill patients and  emotional support for their families. This care can be provided in their own homes, enabling patients to be surrounded by the people they care about the most.

With increasing demands for their services, Marie Curie’s Rapid Response Nurses work, with out of hours GP’s, to ensure that patients living with a terminal illness receive the appropriate care and support they need.  They respond to urgent care requests and provide a flexible nursing service to palliative care patients, often avoiding an unnecessary hospital admission.


The Event

4 - 6 different locations

The objective is to recruit 100 people to raise money for Marie Curie. Our aim is to raise £20,000 for Marie Curie.

BBB motorcycle club would like to thank Alistair Seeley for all his support in promoting this event

Upcoming Events

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